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This is about fathers' rights law, and protecting the best interests of your children. It provides information, news and comments on laws, cases and strategies for life as a single father and winning your custody, access or child support case.

Archive for January, 2009

Katrina Daniels Lee Radio Inteview

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Katrina Daniels Lee had some good advice on her radio show last night for parents who are prevented from seeing their children by a hostile parent or by the court.  She told them to set up a Facebook site and post their positive feelings for their children on it.  She said that children are so  computer savy these days they will find it sooner or later.  In her interview with me, she also told her listeners to reach out for support, help each other and never give up hope for reunification with their children.

Being a Child of Divorce May Help Obama

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Barack Obama has shown us not only that a black American can grow up to be President, but a child of divorce can also grow up to be President.   Obama may have learned some qualities from his childhood that can help him as President.

Jill Brooke, First Wives World Editor, has written an article for The Huffington Post noting that “Most divorces require negotiation, compromise and agreeing to disagree. You learn the importance of being reserved and reflective vs. being rash. And why perhaps he likes being No Drama Obama.”

She quotes Don Gordon, an Ohio University Professor, Don Gordon, who says that Obama has likely learned the quality of resilience from being a child of divorce.  “Being president is a piece of cake compared to going through a divorce,” he said.  “This resilience serves well in dealing with lengthy stressful situations.  They can tough it out no matter how bad it gets.”

Non-Biological Dad Still Has to Pay Child Support

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Pasqualino Cornelio of Toronto, Canada, married Anciolina Cornelio and they had twins.  They separated in 1998 and Pasqualino began making child support payments.

Recently, Anciolina sought to reduce his time with the twins and increase his child support.  Pasqualino retaliated by have a DNA test.  Guess what.  He was not the biological father of the twins.

Pasqualino claimed he was the victim of misrepresentation and fraud.  He demanded termination of child support and reimbursement of the tens of thousands of dollars he has paid over the years.

But there was no other father to step in and take his place.  “Ms. Cornelio denies knowledge of who the twins’ biological father might be,” the Judge said. “In fact, she claims to have no memory of an extramarital affair preceding their birth, which she attributes to the medication she was taking at the time.”

So, the court decided that because Pasqualino “was the only father the twins knew during the course of the marriage,” he could neither stop paying child support nor recover past child support.

“While the failure of Ms. Cornelio to disclose to her husband the fact that she had an extramarital affair and that the twins might not be his biological children may well have been a moral wrong against Mr. Cornelio, it is a wrong that does not afford him a legal remedy to recover child support he has already paid, and that does not permit him to stop paying child support,” wrote Judge Katherine van Rensburg on Dec. 22, 2008.

Source:  National Post

A Tape Recorder in the Teddy Bear

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

People do desperate things in custody battles.  From Nebraska comes word of a mother hiding a recorder in her two year old’s teddy bear to tape the father during visitation.  William Lewton is suing Dianna Divingnzzo in U.S. District Court in Omaha for invasion of privacy and violation of state and federal wiretapping laws.

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