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This is about fathers' rights law, and protecting the best interests of your children. It provides information, news and comments on laws, cases and strategies for life as a single father and winning your custody, access or child support case.

Archive for December, 2009

Sean Goldman Home by Christmas?

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

A judge for the highest court in Brazil today ordered that 9 year old Sean Goldman be turned over to his father , David Goldman of Tinton Falls, New Jersey, by 9:00 am tomorrow.

Sean’s step father and maternal grandmother in Brazil said they “will not pursue any more legal channels” and will obey the order.

The Brazilian family will obey the order and “will not pursue any more legal channels,” an aide to a lawyer told the Associated Press.  Another appeal would have meant delays until February at least.  If all goes smoothly tomorrow, David will return with Sean to the US after a five year custody battle for his son.

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Brazil Blocks US Dad

Friday, December 18th, 2009

David Goldman flew to Brazil for the fifteenth time today to pick up his son after the Brazilian Courts ordered that Sean Goldman be handed over to he U.S. consulate in Rio de Janeiro.

But the boy’s stepfather filed a writ of habeas corpus in the Supreme Court of Brazil which was granted.  The order prevents Sean from leaving Brazil until a hearing can be held for him to express his own wishes.

According to this report, the hearing may not be held until February.

US Dad Wins Appeal in Brazilian Custody Battle

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Yesterday, a Brazilian appeals court ordered the return of 9 year old Sean Goldman to his father, David Goldman of Tinton Falls, New Jersey, at the U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro within 48 hours.

Buran Bianchi, Goldman’s wife, took Sean to her native Brazil in 2004 for a vacation and never returned.  She divorced Goldman and then remarried.  Goldman started legal proceedings for the return of his son when she unexpectedly died.  Sean has lived with his stepfather since then, Joao Paulo Lins e Silva, who has battled Goldman for custody for over five years.

Goldman and his lawyers are bracing for another appeal.  President Obama, Congress and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton have all urged return of the child to Goldman.

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How to Stop Yelling at Your Children

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

We tell our children to use their indoor voice.  But sometimes we use our outdoor voice and yell at them when they are misbehaving or not doing what we want them to do or whining about something they want to do.   This makes them yell back.  They feel badly.  We feel badly.   It may correct their behavior for a short time out of fear or sadness, but it may also well up inside them and cause them to act out later.

Erin Kurt, teacher and nanny, says in this article at Lifehack.Org,  the reason we yell is that we were yelled at as children.  She says this is the wrong parenting choice.

We should all stop yelling at our children and instead, train ourselves to take a deep breath and then state the behavior they want from their child in a matter-of-fact, assertive tone of voice.  She recommends the “time out” approach if they continue to misbehave.  This is a more effective approach to parenting than yelling.  I know this would make life quieter and more tranquil at my house.

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