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This is about fathers' rights law, and protecting the best interests of your children. It provides information, news and comments on laws, cases and strategies for life as a single father and winning your custody, access or child support case.

Archive for November, 2012

Free Online Tools for Divorced Dads

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Steven Small and Shelly D. Mahon are conducting a survey of divorced fathers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  They are looking for fathers of children, ages 8 and 16, who have been divorced or separated within the last two years.  You can register at their website, “Apart, Not Broken”.

This is a free, 12 week, multi-media program over the Internet which includes:

  • Videos reflecting the real life experiences of other divorced fathers;
  • A discussion forum for you to connect and share with other fathers;
  • Online tools for sharing photos, comparing calendars, journaling, using a whiteboard, and communicating via chat, video chat, and email;
  • Current and concise information about divorce and parenting after divorce;
  • Recommended activities for you and your child; and
  • Additional resources such as book lists and helpful web sites.

Children Spending More Time with Fathers

Monday, November 26th, 2012

A study by an Australian College has found that divorced and separated fathers are spending more time with their children than the traditional every other weekend visitation schedule.  Dr. Bruce Smyth sampled 408 separated parents.  He found that, regardless of the parenting arrangements, children usually moved between homes two to four times every two weeks.  The study found that separated parents were cooperating with each other in balancing their schedules with the children’s needs and being more flexible in their timesharing.

Country Songs We Wished We’d Written

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

I’ll Keep the Kids

by Montgomery Gentry

You don’t have to holler,
And we don’t have to fight.
We can settle all this, right here
Right now, tonight

No need to call no lawyer
You don’t have to pack no bags
It’s obvious, all you want is
Half more than your half

I see here on this paper
You wrote what you want down
Want me to sign over
What was ours is all yours now

Take the house that my sweat built ya’
Here’s the keys to both the cars
I’ll give you up the title to my ole Harley in the barn

Take all our family pictures
And our records off the wall
And any other sign of livin’ proof
That I lived here at all

Can’t help but not see a couple little things
Not there on your list
So if you don’t care
I’ll keep the kids

Look at dads old Gibson,
I see you wrote that down
Girl, that’s below the belt
But it’s all yours now
There’s Grandmas diamond ring
She wore it fifty some odd years
She’ll probably roll over in her grave,
But, I’ll leave it here
I’m outta here

Take the bass boat and that tractor,
All my guns and Earnhardt hat.
Every nickel we had tucked away
And twenty years I can’t get back
Take the shirt right off my shoulders
Hope it fits ole what’s his name
Take everything you think your world revolves around everyday

Can’t help but not see a couple little things
Not there on your list
So if you don’t care
I’ll keep the kids

Can’t help but not see a couple little things
Not there on your list
So if you don’t care
I’ll keep the kids

Couple little things you won’t miss…

The Prospective Client

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Danny Carr, Counselor and Attorney at Law, punched the button on his phone this morning to listen to messages left last night on his voice-mail.

“I need to hire you for a custody case.  This is Ken Woodard. Call me at 301-555-5555.”

Carr hit redial, and when someone answered, he said,  “Mr. Woodard, this is Danny Carr, returning your call.”

“I was forced to give up custody and visitation by my wife’s attorney by duress,” said Woodard.

“Did he hold a gun to your head? “

“No, but he told me I would lose if I didn’t agree.”

“That’s not duress.”

“OK, well then I found out I still have to pay child support.”

“Right.  Parents are obligated to support their children.”

“But if I don’t have custody or visitation, haven’t my parental rights been terminated?”

“No.  You are still the children’s father.”

“My wife accused me of neglecting and abusing the kids.  Can I file a petition to terminate my parental rights on the basis of her saying I’m an unfit parent?”

“No.  You can’t file a complaint against yourself to terminate your own parental rights.”

“That doesn’t sound right.”

“I have to go now, Mr. Woodard.  Good luck with your case.”

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